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Lesson one

1.飞行机械师flight engineer 
2 乘务长.purser/chief attendant 
3. 机长captain 
4. 地勤人员ground crew 
5. 空勤人员air crew 
6.燃油调节器已装好,现在需试车检查。  The fuel control unit has been installed .Now we’ll test the engines. 
7.风速太大,拖车时请将机头对着风向以便试车。  The velocity of wind is too high. Please tow the aircraft and make its facing the wind direction so that we can test the engine. 

8.请叫一辆拖车来 Please call a tractor.  

9.请引导我们到停机位。  Please guid us to parking place . 

10.请挂上/摘下拖把。  Please connect /disconnect the tow-bar. 
Lesson two

1. 艰苦的工作,艰苦的日子,不幸的世界,生活并不总是甜蜜的,这就是生活! Tough job,Tough day,tough world.Life is not always sweet,that is life! 2. 我需要睡眠I need some sleep  3. 别紧张Take it eazy  4. 放松一下Just relax  5. 闭嘴Zip your fly
Lesson three

1.The flight is delayed due to the weather /mechanical fault . 航班因天气/机械故障原因延误了。 
2. Set /release parking brake. 请将停留刹车杀住/松开。 
3. Position/remove wheel chocks please. 请档上/挪开轮档。 
4. Insert/remove landing gear safety pin. 请插上/取下起落架安全销。 
5. Open nose /central/main landing gear door and check the system line /wire/component for damage /loose/leakage.  请打开前/中/主起落架舱门检查系统管路/导线/部件有无损坏/松动/渗漏。 
6.减震支柱内筒伸出正常且洁净。  Shock absorber sliding tube is correct extension and cleanliness. 
7. Could you please provide us a sealing ring (a adjustable wrench, a round file, a triangle wrench, a socket wrench ,a cutting pliers, a plastic hammer, some split cotters, some safety wire ,chamois leather, a piece of rag ,a bucket ,a washer, screwdriver, clamps ,pliers , flashlight)?  请给我们以供一个密封圈(活动扳手,圆挫,三角挫,万用扳手,刻丝钳,橡胶锤,一些开口销,一些保险丝,鹿皮布,一块抹布,油桶,垫片,螺丝刀,夹子,钳子,手电筒)。 
8.connecting passenger 转机旅客
9.transit passenger 过境旅客  
10.stand-by 候补旅客
Lesson four

1.Are you used to the food here?  你习惯吃这儿的饭菜吗? 
2.Be my guest.  请便、别客气。 
3.Catch me later. 过会儿再来找我。  4.Can I have a day off? 我能请一天假吗? 
5.Better safe than sorry.  小心不出大错。
Lesson five

1.ablative 烧蚀的 
2.aborted take off(ATO) 中断起飞  3.absolute pressure 绝对压力,标压  4.absorbent lining 吸音衬套/层  5.abutment plate/washer 支撑板/垫圈 6.no-show 误机者,临时取消行程  7.Check the indication of pressure gauge on central landing gear strut. 请检查中起落架减震支柱指示。 
8. Please check tyre for damage and wear. 请检查轮胎的损坏和磨损情况。  9. No damage and leakage for gear assembly structure attachment and up-assembly. 起落架组件结构,连接及上锁组件无损伤和渗漏现象。 
10.Please get me a compressed air (Nitrogen) cylinder to charge the tyre. 请拿一个冷气(氮气)瓶给轮胎充气。
Lesson six

1.Can I take your order? 您要点菜吗?  2.Can you make it? 你能来吗? 
3.Cheer up! 高兴起来!振作起来!  4.Could you drop me off at the airport? 你能载我到飞机场吗?
Lesson seven

1.accelerated stall 过载失速  2.acceleration surge(or bodie surge) 加速喘振 
3.access panel 检修盖板 
4.acorn 整流体 
5.acid attack/pickling 酸浸/洗 
6.Please wipe excess oil from engine nacelles and landing gears.  擦掉发动机吊舱和起落架上多余的油。 
7. No damage and fluid leakage from engine pylon and cowling doors. 发动机吊架和整流罩无液压油渗漏和损伤。 
8. Please open the engine cowling and check for leakage /overheat /wires /electrical connectors   请打开发动机包皮检查渗漏/过热/导线/插头。 
9. Check no damage for fan blades and turbine blades . 检查风扇叶片和涡轮叶片无损坏迹象。 
10 Check the engine tail pipe on metal particles and visible damage . 检查发动机尾喷管无金属颗粒和损坏。
Lesson eight

1.Do you have a room available? 你们有空房间吗? 
2.Do you mind my smoking? 你介意我抽烟吗 
3.Do you often work out? 你经常锻炼身体吗? 
4.Don"t be so modest. 别这么谦虚。  5.Don"t get me wrong. 别误会我。
Lesson nine

1.alternate airfield 备用机场 
2.fuel farm 油库 
3.taxiway 滑行道 
4.parking bay 停车位置 
5.terminal departure building 机场大厦/候机楼 
6.stand-by ticket counter 补票处 
7. Check no damage for interior of cargo compartment, compartment of structure and nets. 检查货舱内部无损坏,结构及栏网完好。 
8. Visually inspect cargo compartment and door jambs, make sure that no liquid flows out or corrosion due to chemical produce, sea food and poultry etc. 目视检查货舱及厂门框,没有因化学制品,海鲜,家禽等货物而造成液体溢出或腐蚀现象。 
9. Main cargo door cant’s be opened electrically, In order to avoid aircraft delay, we want to open it manually.  主货舱门打不开,为了不延误飞机,我们想人工断开舱门。 
10. Check cargo compartment lining for condition and cleaning. 检查货舱壁完好且干净。
Lesson ten

1.Don"t let me down. 别让我失望。 2.Don"t mention it. 不必客气。 
3.Don"t miss the boat. 不要坐失良机 4.First come, first served. 捷足先登  5.Don"t take any chances. 不要心存侥幸。
Lesson eleven

1.dispatch office 签派室 
2.air bridge 登机廊桥 
3.freight building/cargo centre 货运大厦/货运中心 
4.catering department 配餐供应部门  5.escalator 自动扶梯 
6,请将客梯安置稳妥。  Set the passenger loading stand proper, don’t damage the aircraft.
7,驾驶服务车要慢点,注意小心碰坏飞机  Drive the galley service truck slowly and mind the aircraft 。 
8,小心装货,不要碰坏货舱里的氧气系统/水乡/隔板。  Would please handle with care and don’t damage the oxygen system/water tank /partition of cargo compartment . 
9.请检查机组和旅客氧气系统的压力。  Please clean crew and passenger oxygen system pressure 
10.请安排一辆加水车/放污车/空调车/除冰车/工作梯。  Please arrange water servicing unit /a toilet servicing unit /an air conditioning unit /a deicing unit /a ladder for us.
Lesson twelve

1.Forget it. 算了吧。 
2.Have you got that? 你明白我的意思吗? 
3.Don"t bother. 不用麻烦了。 
4.Hold your horses. 耐心点儿。 
5.I assure you. 我向你保证
Lesson thirteen

1.emigration control 出境检查 
2.snack bar 快餐部 
3.carousel 旋转行李传送带 
4.public address 广播室 
5.baggage claim area 行李认领区 6.security counter 安检柜台 
7.飞机需要加液压油/滑油。  The aircraft needs to be refilled with hydraulic fluid /oil . 
8.请给1,2号发动机加二夸脱MOBIL JET 2#滑油,3,4号发动机加3夸脱滑油。  Please replenish tow quarts for engine NO. 1 and NO. 2 , three quarts for engine NO. 3 and NO.4. 
9.这种牌号的发动机滑油我们飞机不能用。  It is not allowed to use this brand of oil in our aircraft. 
10.飞机需要加燃油,请叫一辆加油车。  The aircraft needs refueling .Please call a refueling tender. 
Lesson fourteen

1.I bet you can. 我确信你能做到 
2.I can manage. 我自己可以应付。 
3.I can"t tell. 我说不准。  
4.I can"t resist the temptation. 我不能抵挡诱惑。 
5.Keep up the good work. 再接再厉。
Lesson fifteen

1.检查轮子有无间断的/脱落的固定螺杆/轮缘损伤.。  check the wheel sheared /missing tie bolts/ rim damaged. 
2.检查刹车组件无渗漏/过热现象。  Check no leakage/overheat for brake unit. 
3.我们要更换中轮,请帮助找两个轮轴千斤顶。We are going to have the central wheel assembly replaced . please get me tow axle jacks. 
4.请检查刹车的磨损情况。  Please check for brake assembly wear. 
5.请问这是什么牌号的燃油? Please advise the grade of fuel. 
6我要看一下油样!  I want to check the fuel samples. 
7加油前请放好灭火瓶。  Please put fire extinguisher in position before refuelling.   8请问加多少油,3000加仑?你实际给飞机加了多少油?总共60000公升燃油。  How much fuel do you want ?Three thousand gallons .How much fuel have you filled in actually ?we have put 60000 litres in total . 
9请从2号油箱放沉淀.  Please drain some deposit and water from No. 2 tank . 
10飞机需要抽油,请安排一辆抽油车。  The aircraft need defuelling .Would you please arrange a defuelling-cart ? 
Lesson sixteen

1.Kill two birds with one stone.                     一举两得  2.Let me get back to you.                            我过一会儿打给你吧。 
3.Let"s get to the point.                            让我们言归正传。 
4.Let"s get together sometime.                       有时间我们聚一下吧。 
5.Let"s hope for the best.                           让我们往好处想吧。
Lesson seventeen

1,请将饮用水/厕所系统的水全部放掉,否则会结冰。  Please drain off potable water /toilet water or it be frozen. 
2,请给前/后厠所加水   Please refill water for front /rear toilet 
3,APU失效,请马上来一辆电源车和两辆气源车。  APU is fully inoperative, please call a ground power unit and tow air start units immediately. 
4,请接上地面电源/气源。  Please connect the ground power unit /the air start unit . 
5, 请接通四号辅助液压动力系统。  Please turn on No. 4 auxiliary hydraulic system . 
6, 请示意拖车司机拖/到飞机。  Please signal tractor driver to commence towing /pushback. 
7, 请求拖/倒飞机。没有进入位置,请再往前一点(向前移一点)。  Clear for towing /pushback ,it is not into position ,a little more forward please . 
8, 请注意,拖飞机速度不要超过10公里/小时。  Please make sure that the towing speed is not over 10KM/hour. 9, 地面结冰,转弯时请减小车速。  There are icing on the ground, please slow down when turning . 
10, 地面侧风太大,不能拖飞机。  The cross wind on the ground is so strong that the aircraft can not be towed. 
Lesson eighteen

1.I owe you one. 我欠你一个人情。 
2.I couldn"t agree more. 我完全同意。 3.I couldn"t get through. 打不通电话 
4.I didn"t mean to. 我不是故意的。 
5.I don"t know for sure. 我不能肯定。