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位于伊斯坦布尔的Bakirkure Architects对ING银行土耳其总部进行了改造。项目位于Maslak,是伊斯坦布尔重要的经济区。建筑师通过探索和分析,在不影响银行工作结构的前提下,对室内进行了突破性的改造,创造了一个高效而又富有趣味的办公空间。

The renovation of ING Bank Turkey Headquarters, located in Maslak, a significant finance field of Istanbul, has been designed by analyzing, exploring and thinking outside the box, yet not interfere with institution’s working structure. The project designed by Istanbul based Bakırkure Architects, puts an example of how to make a working space both efficient and joyful.

▽办公空间,working space

在设计之初,建筑师对银行员工进行了调研,收集了他们对于旧办公环境的体验,以根据他们的需求,创造一个符合人体工程学并且充满活力的办公空间。调研结果表明,绝大多数的员工不喜欢办公室的配色,桌椅摆放和空间布局。会议室过少,空间利用率不高,且办公室内没有供员工交流的公共空间。受访的员工中有75%的人表示他们希望有独立的办公空间, 90%希望可以在工作时改变位置。


The renovation of ING Bank Turkey Headquarters, designed by Istanbul based Bakırkure Architects, was started with a project workout within the participation of current employees. By getting their current space experiences, it was aimed to analyze their needs and expectations to create more dynamic and ergonomic office atmosphere that also meets their needs. Workshop outcomes show that majority of the participants is not happy with the color scheme, workstation placement and space organization. Meeting room amounts are not enough and not designed efficiently. Besides, no common spaces exist for socialization. Three out of four participants need to be isolated to concentrate on their work and %90 of them wants to switch spaces within the working hours.

Three out of four participants are not satisfied with the lighting; nine out of ten people think air conditioning is weak. Majority of the employees is suffering from headaches, backaches and as a result they feel tired. Another spotted problem is about hierarchy; in the face to face meetings, according to people – including executives- separated rooms, larger desks that indicates ‘authority’ are just waste of space. Instead they prefer working altogether.

▽靠近窗户的办公区域可获得更多自然光照,working space along windows to acquire more daylight


Outcome of these analyses formed the design strategy of the project. Dynamic structure of the institution is tried to be reflected to every part of the building. In order to achieve the control for general manager assistants and directors, their places were located on the corners of the floors. To enjoy daylight, workstations were located beside the window edge. Rooms that require daylight relatively less, like meeting rooms, were located mostly in inner parts. By protecting current core structure of the building, supporting units and common spaces were located around the core.

▽位于办公室中部的会议室,meeting room in inner parts


Benefitting from the opportunities of today’s technology, mobile working corners were created. These spaces were planned to provide alternative working spaces for an alternative working style. In understanding of mobile open office organization that provides an alternative zone to work in, standard workstations were shifted to shared desks for collaborated working. By reforming the space, the routine of working on the very same chair and same desk is broke. The “personal desks” were long gone and the only thing left for employees is to choose where to work with their laptops. This freedom sense also motivates people and makes them work more efficiently. The term ‘’mobility’’ is not merely about a work act in the new ING Bank Turkey HQ office space. Yet it’s all across the building along with a wireless data infrastructure. Why does one need a fixed phone without having a desk? All of the employees working at office communicates through smart devices and wireless networks which are accessible internally.

▽办公层内的公共空间,public space on the office floor


To reach the maximum height of the ceiling, that also chances the perception of the space, exposed ceiling is used instead of suspended ceiling. The whole mechanical system has solved in a mesh ceiling around the core. Jet nozzle insufflation technology is used for office spaces and meeting rooms. By this way, one of the problems mentioned in workshop survey has been solved.

▽办公区的咖啡台,裸露的天花以及送风喷口,container cafe in the working floor, exposed ceiling and jet nozzle insufflation


For the ING bank’s young and dynamic staff, the design of the office had to be innovatively. That’s why colors and advertising works were used surrounding the space, ‘feels like home comfort’ siting areas and playfields were created each differing from flat to flat. The kitchen is hold with a new understanding and container cafes to grab and drink something in were created. Phone booths for the private phone calls and lockers used by each and every employee to keep their personal belongings and mails were added to the space.

▽办公层内的娱乐室,play room on the office floor


While managing the space, common areas come into play with a significant role in the whole building. For instance, with ING bank Canteen, people both meet their needs and find a space to socialize by gathering. Also the food court has become the heart of the project by splitting it up for multiple usages. These new flexible functions enable to meet, read and socialize with the help of social stairs, winter garden, and basketball court. Food court is converted into a very active and useful space(s) instead of using it only for one hour of the whole day.


▽不同的就餐区,various dining space

▽有公共台阶的活动区,public space with stairs

▽台阶旁的篮球场,basketball court beside the public stairs

▽餐厅层平面图,basement floor plan

▽办公层平面图,office floor plan

Architect: Gurhan Bakirkure – Bakirkure Architects
Project Team: Doruk Soyal, Kader Dogru, Samprie Chatziachmet
Project Location: Istanbul/ Turkey
Client: ING Bank
Contractor: Bakirkure Architects
Project Type: Office Building
Project Date: 2015
Construction Area Capacity: 20.000 m²

Drawings: Bakirkure Architects
English text: Bakirkure Architects
Chinese text: gooood

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